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The Brock & Lori team creates individualized sales and marketing strategies to cater to the individual needs of each client’s property. We are committed to getting our clients top dollar for their property, which means presenting your property in the best light! When we prepare to list a home for sale, if appropriate, we bring in our team of landscape professionals, handymen, painters, design consultants, and stagers to get the home picture perfect. Brock & Lori have relationships with top photographers and videographers, and their large and localized social media presence ensures that anyone in the market for your home will see it. The unique and personal strategies for clients have resulted in smooth transactions, hundreds of thousands more on the sales price, and record-setting sales! 

For multifamily properties, Brock & Lori have the breadth of experience to advise clients on tenancy issues, rent control issues, and how to prepare and market their properties to get top dollar.



In this competitive LA market, Brock & Lori and their team of agents are known for beating out multiple offers to get their clients the homes of their dreams! Our team is committed to making the buying process easy, straightforward, and getting you the best deal possible. As seasoned professionals with longstanding relationships in the business, our clients also get access to properties that aren’t listed publicly for sale (“off-market”).



Brock & Lori are real estate advisors to hundreds of real estate investors throughout LA, and are committed to old and new clients alike building wealth through real estate. They are always available to advise clients on real estate acquisitions and help clients formulate a real estate plan. The Brock & Lori team can help clients buy, sell and trade up properties to build a diverse and lucrative portfolio. Residential, multifamily, commercial - we do it all!

Let’s Make Your Real Estate Plan!

Brock & Lori are trusted real estate agents and advisors to thousands of clients throughout LA County. With Brock's 20+ years of buying, selling, and owning LA real estate, and Lori's legal background and design experience, you are in good hands. Looking to buy, sell or invest? Let’s make your real estate plan!