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Lori Levine Harris is a real estate agent and attorney who specializes in high-end, luxury home sales. Lori is the heart of the Brock & Lori team, loved by her clients for her ability to make the home buying experience both fun and accessible.
A practicing big law firm litigator for almost a decade, Lori’s keen negotiating skills and legal knowledge gives her clients and team a leg up in any deal. She is an advisor to clients and real estate professionals alike, helping them navigate actual and potential real estate issues to ensure they are protected in transactions. 
Lori also uses her seasoned design eye and team of landscapers, painters, designers and stagers to help clients prepare to list their homes for sale. Having personally renovated numerous properties in Los Feliz and Silver Lake, Lori advises and implements a design strategy for each home that she sells,  resulting in substantially higher sales prices for her clients. Lori’s listings have been featured in the New York Times and Architectural Digest.
A preeminent agent specializing in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Hancock Park, Pasadena, Eagle Rock and the Hollywood Hills luxury markets, Lori has a reputation for her expertise, legal acumen, and design eye - she’s also a blast to work with!
Before becoming a real estate agent, Lori went to NYU where she studied music business. Lori worked in marketing and music video production at Columbia Records for several years before attending Loyola Law School. Upon graduation, Lori worked for global law firms Pillsbury & Cooley as a trademark, copyright, false advertising and contracts litigator. Lori currently lives in her dream home in Los Feliz (which she renovated top to bottom) with her husband Brock and their three kids, Henry, Harlowe & Quinn (twins).
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Brock & Lori are trusted real estate agents and advisors to thousands of clients throughout LA County. With Brock's 20+ years of buying, selling, and owning LA real estate, and Lori's legal background and design experience, you are in good hands. Looking to buy, sell or invest? Let’s make your real estate plan!

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