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Embarking on her illustrious real estate journey 16 years ago, Angela emerged as a formidable force in the ever-evolving industry. Beginning as a solo agent, she adeptly navigated the complexities of a dynamic market, mastering the art through continuous education, coaching, and training. This relentless pursuit of knowledge propelled her to become a highly sought-after agent.
Hailing from the Midwest, specifically Minnesota, Angela's academic journey led her to earn a B.S. in Psychology from Arizona State University. Following her graduation, she made her home in Los Angeles, where she embarked on a successful career in sales before transitioning seamlessly into the dynamic world of real estate. 
Angela carved her path with distinction, operating her own real estate consulting business. Here, she played a pivotal role in advising fellow real estate agents in Southern California, offering expertise in recruitment, training, and business operations. Angela's impact was further underscored when she was recruited by a top Los Angeles Westside brokerage to serve as their Recruitment and Training Manager. She went on to spend 8 years as a business partner to a top Los Angeles agent overseeing all agents and transactions for their business. Her journey culminated in the esteemed position of Director of Operations at the Brock and Lori Harris Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Los Feliz. Throughout her career, Angela has left an indelible mark, overseeing hundreds of transactions and playing a pivotal role in the recruitment and training of over 60 real estate assistants and agents. Her passion for teaching, training, and mentoring shines through, especially when guiding fellow agents on the team.
Poised, positive, and high-spirited, Angela is a pioneering force in the industry, embodying enthusiasm and harmony in every endeavor. Her commitment to excellence is not limited to her professional life; she finds joy and fulfillment in her personal haven in La Canada, where she resides with her husband and their two beautiful girls.
As Angela continues to carve her path as a leader and mentor, her journey is defined by her unwavering dedication to the world of real estate. To discover firsthand how Angela Somawardhana can contribute to the realization of your real estate goals, don't hesitate to reach out and contact her today.

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